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Delivering exciting, inspiring and mindful software solutions for young and old

Turning our entire passion and effort into our daily challenges, we aspire to improve continuously our capabilities to achieve perfection in delivering exciting, inspiring and mindful software solutions for the young and old. Would you like to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Introducing you to our Products

We craft our products with dedication, taking care of every detail to produce the most amazing and beautiful experiences. Our focus is mainly on the software development of business applications and with LightHouse we provide an easy way to build them with a high quality standard. Concentrate on running your business and let us turn your ideas into great solutions. SHADOW and TITAN are a perfect example of the capabilities and features of LightHouse. Want to have your own business application powered by LightHouse?

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Meet Our Team

The key to our success are the great people who comprise our team.

Our team comes from different cultures and backgrounds. At our office different languages are spoken and we believe in an open and honest communication. Everybody cares and is an integral part of Turneo's success, we encourage every member to voice their opinion and bring up discussions to help us improve always. Do you also want to be a part of our team? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Turneo CoWorker - Stefan


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Christian


    Chief Financial Officer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Tindara


    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Reynold


    Awesome Developer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Chalarat


    Awesome Developer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Pongpet


    Awesome Developer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Pattamon


    Awesome Developer

  • Turneo CoWorker - Vicente


    Awesome Developer

Our Location

Turneo AG | Industrie Neuhof 21 |3422 Kirchberg/BE

+41 34 530 13 14

Get to know our Partners

Specialization is the key to our success. We concentrate on those things that we are good at, for everything else we pick the greatest companies available and build a long lasting partner relationship. This way we can streamline our product development and delivery, including their knowledge and expertise in other important areas. Do you also create amazing stuff and would like to work with us? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Turneo AG Consulting/Infrastructure Technology Partner
  • Turneo AG OXID/PROFFIX Technology Partner
  • Turneo AG Workflow Technology Partner
  • Turneo AG Business Technology Partner
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