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SHADOW offers all the standard features that are needed for a complete information solution

Order Management

Order processing in SHADOW allows for different types to be defined and stored. This type of contract is addressed in each order process and differ only by a sophisticated logic or, by a different sequence of individual activities within the process.

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Proband administration

The centerpiece of SHADOW is a very comprehensive management of subjects, in which all data of a subject are provided. In addition to the main human and family data being available, current evidence objects, lab results, DNA profiling, assessment, toxicological findings, blood alcohol analysis, autopsy results, as well as images from the image database or extensive data and documents from the forensic psychiatry can be viewed and edited at any time.

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Document Management

Extensive document templates for various types of expertise, performance and work reports from all areas of forensic medicine are an integral part of SHADOW. The document management system can store external documents, reports, images, etc. either scan or, if available in electronic form, assign to an order or proband. You do not need an additional storage system, but instead, have the entire case documented and stored in SHADOW.

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Image Library

The built-in SHADOW Database allows you to store and manage large image documents. Import images directly from your camera into the SHADOW application. The images are automatically transferred to a desired format you choose. You can complete the pictures with notes and a short description on the case, so you can later easily find by integrated keywords.

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Evidence objects management

Evidence can be grouped and assigned to a matrix. This is useful to control the behavior and the information content of the evidence object in the application process, depending on the job type. Informations about use, storage, retention period, and the final destruction of an evidence are defined in the matrix.

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SHADOW - Individually

Would you like to edit the object model, add new functions, modify existing masks, create new documents and receipts?
With the light designer, the lightNavigator and lightCharting may al this be implemented and available to you.
Seamlessly a link on a Lighthouse application can be integrated with the lightFlow with K2 blackpearl processes created in SHADOW.

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